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Student Spotlight


Diana Serna - Individually Designed Program

Diana Serna

I received my AA degree, my BA degree in Liberal Studies, and my preliminary multiple subject teaching credential from the Mount in 2005. When it came time for me to choose a Masters program, it was no hard decision: I wanted to get my Masters from the Mount. My goal was to eventually pursue a Special Education credential, and my advisors made my beginning steps of transitioning from General Education to Special Education smooth, by creating an Individually Designed Program (IDP) for me. This allowed me to work on my MS degree while taking some Special Education courses.

Now I’m back at the Mount again, finishing my Special Education credential and starting the Certificate in Instructional Leadership. I have really enjoyed my experiences and my education at the Mount, and there is a reason why I keep coming back: here, I am not a number, but a person with a name and a story. The professors are caring and passionate in what they do. They made and continue to make me a confident, caring, well educated teacher.

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