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Student Spotlight


Carmen Melgar

My name is Carmen Melgar. I am from Honduras and I have attended the Mount since 2002.  First, I completed my Single-Subject Credential Program.  Then, I took two year off and later I came back to get my MS in Education, which I received in May, 2009.  During both processes, I was fortunate to have Dr. Robin Gordon as my Professor and/or Advisor and I cannot thank her enough for her motivation, inspiration, support, and most importantly for never giving up on me.  During my worst personal and professional times she was always flexible, compassionate and accommodating.  I do not think that I would have been able to get both degrees without her help. My tribute is to the entire staff and faculty, but most especially to Dr. Gordon for her vocation, passion and commitment to her students.  May God bless her always!

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