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Karen Valencia, Class of 2012

The Criminology program at Mount Saint Mary’s University has given me the necessary knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a career in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. The courses provided by the program are centralized around the understanding of delinquency and the reduction of crimes and recidivism. Furthermore, instructors utilize various learning tools ranging from scheduled prison visits to assigning a shadowing of individuals with positions in related fields. The program extensively prepares students to excel in their future careers while conditioning us for the coursework expected in graduate programs. This program is truly designed for those students dedicated to the study of crime.

Karen Valencia
Class of 2012

Roxana Sanchez, Class of 2010

As a graduate from the Sociology Department with an emphasis in Criminology at Mount Saint Mary’s University, I feel that I have been well prepared to achieve success in higher education and the workplace. During my time at MSMU, I was able to obtain a full year of work experience as an intern at the Los Angeles Probation Department. This internship helped me gain the tools and skills I currently use today in my workplace. In addition, the preparation I received in the classroom has really helped me in my pursuit of a Master's Degree. As I entered graduate school, I felt capable and ready for the challenge because I knew that my teachers had helped me build a strong foundation. All my teachers were always more than willing to help, very approachable, and very insightful. They taught me things I will use throughout my life. Graduating from MSMU was a positive experience that changed my life.

Roxana Sanchez
Currently MSW program, USC,
Class of 2012

Maria Socorro Farias, Class of 1999

After college graduation from Mount Saint Mary's College, I came to the pleasant realization of how "over-prepared" I was. The skills I learned from my coursework and fieldwork were more advanced than what was required of me at the job. As a result, I was already a "professional" when I embarked into the real world. I truly and wholeheartedly have the belief that I received the best preparation, training, guidance and instruction for my career as a Deputy Probation Officer. The Mount pushed me to my limit, disciplining me to achieve my personal best. I feel gratitude towards the professors at Mount Saint Mary's College, who are not only there to teach, they are there to mentor.

Maria Socorro Farias
County of Los Angeles
Deputy Probation Officer