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Creative Advertising

Minor in Creative Advertising (24 units)   

Affiliated departments: Art, Business, and Film, Media & Communications

The minor in Creative Advertising is an interdisciplinary program providing students the opportunity to explore the creative elements in conjunction with the development of advertising as well as the principles behind the business and psychology of professional advertising campaigns. This minor is designed to add critical value to those entering the fields of marketing and advertising, graphic design, business, media communications, and public relations.

Core courses: (18 units)

ART 15 Computer Graphics I

ART 130 Graphic Production


ART 131 Graphic Communication

BUS 160 Principles of Marketing

BUS 161 Principles of Advertising

ENG 107 Professional Writing

FLM 139 Digital Video Production 

Choose at least two additional courses from below for a total of no less than six units:

ART 130 Graphic Production

ART 131 Graphic Communication

ART 132 Package Design

BUS 180 A/B Advanced Advertising Seminar (can be taken for 1-3 units) 

BUS 194 Consumer Psychology

FLM 123 Commercial Production

FLM 146 Film Marketing

FLM 157 eMedia

Total required for minor in Creative Advertising: at least 24 units

Note about prerequisites: 

Art: Students taking ART 130, 131 or 132 must first complete ART 2 (Design 1) which is a GE course, and ART 15. All Art courses have a lab fee, please see current catalog for details. 

Business: Students taking BUS 160, Principles of Marketing must first complete the pre requisite of BUS 4.

Film: Students taking FLM 139 must complete or concurrently enroll in FLM 100 (1-unit), OR demonstrate competency in video editing with FCPX or Avid Media Composer.