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Computer Science Minor

Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

Applied Computing Series @ Mount

Applied Computing series, initially supported and designed by Google, offers intro courses that give students a hands-on knowledge of programming languages and the ability to work with data to drive well-informed decisions. Classroom time is dedicated to hands-on learning, with faculty-supported, collaborative project work. 

If you're interested in taking these courses you can view the description here:

The courses welcome all MSMU majors interested in learning new skills such as Python programming and data science using Python's pandas framework. CS1A has no prerequisite and it's perfect for people who have never programmed before. To take CS110 you need to take CS1A first.

Why Applied Computing?

People with training in coding, machine learning (ML), and data science are the ultimate problem solvers: they rely on a full spectrum of tools and knowledge to make data-driven decisions in the technology world and countless other industries. At Mount we are striving to bring computer science to all interested. We recognize that no matter what profession our students choose in future, some basic coding and data science skills are more than welcome on any CV. Maybe it sparks your interest and you decide you want to go further? You can check out our computer science minors in the MSMU catalog.