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Computer Science Minor

Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

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Starting Fall 2018, the Mount has been working on bringing a better and richer Computer Science experience for our students. The program is designed in a way to prepare students for the careers of future. The courses range from the basics of Python coding and data science in our Applied Computing Series courses initially designed by Google, to computer networks, software development, web programming and artificial intelligence. We strive to build our computer science courses as interdisciplinary, so that everyone can find use of the computer science tools for their respective disciplines. Our computer science program offers two minors: Computer Science Minor and Applied Computing Minor, with the latter having more emphasis on data science and information processing tools.


Hi y'all! Before taking CS1A I was really scared about how coding and programming worked, since I had no prior experience with any type of programming, but this class requires no coding experience and it is a great start down a path to greatness! (: Now after taking this class, I can say confidently, that it was the best choice to make and on the plus side, taking classes in coding really opens a door of possibilities when it comes to applying for any and all careers!

- Claudia

CS1A is a challenging course, especially if you're not a math or science-orientated person like myself. Overall, the class really pushed me out of my comfort zone and expanded my knowledge as someone who uses computers regularly.

- Simone

I never thought I would be taking a computer science class in college, but entering MSMU I was highly intrigued and decided to take CS1A. That was one of the best decisions I made entering this year, because without it, I never would have realized how interesting Python is and how it can be used in so many different ways. I got so interested in Python that I began to code an interactive game and it may be a little shoddy, but I am still in the process of making it better. I have to thank this class to opening me up to new opportunities and perspectives, no matter the difficulty, because that helped spark my passion inside.

- Mehul

Want to create your own (photo) filter? Decipher secret messages? Create your own dictionary? And much more? Take CS1A, it won't just teach you how to code, but it will give you a whole new perspective!

- Gimena

CS1A has definitely challenged me in many ways. I myself who is not so great with math nor tech savvy I feel I have excelled from the beginning of the semester. I really look forward to taking more CS classes in the near future.