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Program Goals and Outcomes

Mount Saint Mary’s University has a culture of assessment. This means

  • Community members share a common commitment to improving student learning and a common language to guide this work.
  • Students know at the outset what their expected learning outcomes are for the course, the major or program.
  • Faculty and staff continually assess the nature and extent of student learning.
  • Lessons about student learning inform curricular, pedagogical, and administrative decisions.
  • The goal of assessment efforts at MSMU is to improve teaching and learning.
  • The overall results of student performance will be available to students, faculty, staff and other interested parties on College webpage.
  • Goal

    Apply basic child development theory to situations involving children and families

  • Outcome
    1. Understand major theories of development from birth through middle childhood

    2. Appreciate how context and culture impact development

    3. Be familiar with experiences of parenting across various stages of child development

  • Goal

    Be skilled in observing children in naturalistic settings

  • Outcome
    1. Use multiple methods of systematic observation

    2. Through observation, see relationship Between child’s behaviors and environmental factors in group settings

  • Goal

    Communicate effectively orally and in writing

  • Outcome
    1. Write developmental report in an objective manner

    2. Compose theoretically-based essay

    3. Orally present and defend theoretical ideas

    4. Communicate effectively with children

  • Goal

    Conduct themselves as members of the child development field

  • Outcome
    1. Uphold ethical standards of the profession