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Title V Grant

The Business Administration Department at Mount Saint Mary’s University is pleased to join Pasadena City College in a Title V Cooperative Grant, designed, in-part, to assist Hispanic and first-generation college students successfully complete a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

The chairperson of the Business Administration Department is bilingual in Spanish and leads the faculty in providing an environment wherein Pasadena City College transfer students may become leaders capable of making complex business decisions while concurrently appreciating the significance of their responsibilities to the companies and communities they serve.

The department strives to develop a supportive atmosphere, promoting those activities, resources, and opportunities needed to aid Pasadena City College transfer student successfully complete their Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. The department is also committed to increasing the presence of bilingual and bicultural faculty members among the college's academic staff, as well as promoting cultural events that increase awareness of Hispanic contributions to music, culture, and history.

The Business Administration Department is committed to providing Pasadena City College transfer students the following specific programs to create an environment to successfully complete a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration:

  • Peer mentors to act as social and academic guides and support;
  • Academic tutoring;
  • Stipends to assist in providing internships or other career-related experiences;
  • Faculty mentors to serve as career path advisors, collaborate with concerning in-class assignments, develop activities designed to address the student’s cultural needs; and
  • Student support activities such as conferences, field trips, guest speakers, and career-related materials.
Title V Business Administration Faculty Advisors