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Business Administration

Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

Preparing You For Success

Distinguish yourself in the competitive world of tomorrow by earning your degree in Business Administration from Mount Saint Mary’s University. 

Unlike most business degrees that focus on traditional curricula, the Mount’s unique approach prepares you for a career as a leader who has mastered the challenges of complex decision making— all while focusing on your role as a responsible member of the global community.


The Mount Experience

Your Mount education will be characterized by personal engagement with fellow students, and academic and professional mentoring and networking with those who can help you further your career goals. Small class sizes mean genuine access to , each of whom take a personal interest in your success. You’ll be continually challenged while enjoying one of the most supportive environments in all of higher education.

Our curriculum not only teaches students needed technical skills for the jobs of today, but also prepares them for career-long success through professional development. You’ll gain skills from every class you take, from your first class through advanced coursework.

The Mount’s Business Administration degree program focuses on these themes: global business, management communication, business ethics, and innovative management. You’ll see each reflected throughout your studies, helping you prepare for a career of socially conscious professionalism and leadership.

As part of your studies, you’ll discover how the Mount’s curriculum emphasizes the worldwide nature of business today; the primacy of effective communication of ideas and leadership goals; the importance of ethics (and how they are their own reward); and a pursuit of innovation that will create a lifetime of success.

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Our Program Emphases

Choose from one of four distinct programs as part of your Business Administration degree program: Accounting, Marketing, Management, and International Business. In each you’ll find the knowledge and expertise needed for the discipline, taught with the Mount philosophy of valuing the responsibilities we bear to our communities (large and small) as leaders of business.


Accounting helps you prepare for a career in private- or government-sector professional accounting. You’ll learn the profession and combine that with the business acumen necessary to be a leader in your chosen field.


Marketing allows you to emphasize your skills for a career in sales, advertising, marketing and public relations. Learn the many aspects of consumer behavior— even minor in Computer Graphics.


Management involves classic preparation for leadership positions in domestic and global organizations. You’ll develop world-class leadership skills through hands-on, experiential learning that takes you out of the classroom and into real-world business settings.

International Business

International Business speaks to the world of today and tomorrow – a global marketplace of ideas, challenges and innovation. Study and intern abroad while you embrace a global business perspective as part of your degree program.

Join Our Community

When you choose to earn a degree in Business Administration from Mount Saint Mary’s University, you’ll join an accomplished elite of alumnae who have gone on to become leaders throughout the world’s many business verticals.

Take the challenge — earn a business administration degree that not only gives you the expertise to succeed but allows you to give back to the global community in a socially conscious way.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting Concentration, at Mount Saint Mary’s University (MSMU) offers 124 credit units, which allows graduates to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam in California. However, the state boards of accountancy require students to complete 150 academic credit units to be eligible to become a licensed CPA. For a full list of California CPA licensure requirements, please visit This Way to CPA, California. Individual states may also have additional educational and/or non-educational requirements. Prior to enrollment, prospective students must review the BS in Business Administration, Accounting Concentration professional licensure webpage to determine whether this program meets the educational requirements in a specific state. Contact the Business department at to discuss the process of obtaining a CPA license in any particular state. For a general overview of CPA licensing requirements by state and territory, students may contact an individual state board of accountancy or visit This Way to CPA, state requirements.