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Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

Biological Sciences

Biology is the study of living things and the ways in which their environment affects them – So how can you not get excited about it – it’s about YOU and YOUR WORLD!

sample of plant in clear container held up with someone wearing blue gloves

The Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles, Biology Department embraces all individuals seeking a scientific understanding of the living world that surrounds them. We welcome students of all disciplines – psychology, sociology, nursing, ecology, (even chemistry!) – EVERYONE – to come and experience the exciting and diverse range of courses we have to offer in the biological sciences.

When you major in biology you will enjoy a very engaging, in-depth, multi-leveled and broad-based research-founded curriculum in the life sciences. Unlike biology programs at other women’s colleges, the Mount program includes hands-on research training that will give you the opportunity to work closely within the active research programs of our diverse, broadly-trained and experienced faculty. They anxiously await your involvement in their work!  Find out more about our faculty.

Excite your passion for intellectual exploration as you investigate Alzheimer’s disease, the molecular basis of memory formation, physiological pathways and components of cellular communication, or the microenvironment surrounding the control of DNA expression.  You can begin to better understand the developmental processes of cancer, or the subtle nature of environmental ecology. You will be challenged on a daily basis and you’ll discover the rewards of pursuing a field that can lead to a meaningful career in the sciences.

What can you do with a biology degree? Just consider the wide range of possibilities: you could become a physician, nurse, teacher, biomedical researcher, forensic scientist, paramedic, pharmacist, dentist, or physical therapist. Or, you could even become a fisheries biologist, a soil ecologist or a biological illustrator or science writer!  And the list goes on…

We offer many of the preparatory courses for the health sciences professions (medicine, dentistry, biomedical research, physical therapy and nursing), as well as specialty courses to ready you for jobs in the applied clinical disciplines, such as scientific research, forensics, and biotechnology.

So, come develop your passion for learning and share in our fascination with living things!

We in the Biology Department look forward to working with you.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Dr. Jennifer Chotiner
Chair, Biology Department