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Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

sample of plant in clear container held up with someone wearing blue gloves

Welcome to Biological Sciences

Where We Study All Aspects of the Living World!

Our programs are intentionally designed to engage students in an exciting interdisciplinary curriculum that thoroughly prepares them for their future. We work hard to make sure every Mount Biology student gains strong scientific, intellectual, and interpersonal skills, and that they graduate well-rounded and ready for careers. Our students go on to become doctors, biomedical researchers, pharmacists, physical therapists, forensic scientists, physician assistants, environmental scientists, health care policy makers, and so much more. The sky is truly the limit for our Mount students!

The Biological Sciences degree program is distinguished by its small class sizes, remarkable research opportunities, and faculty who are highly dedicated to their students, both in and out of the classroom. You’re not just another “face in the crowd” when you are a Mount student – you are part of our family. So when it comes time to ask for that extra help or for letters of recommendation, we make sure our students get the best from our faculty!

Our academic borders extend well beyond our campus. We have several unique opportunities to participate in faculty-led research trips during spring break and summer vacation. Students can study environmental sustainability at the world-famous Wrigley Institute on Catalina Island or health care and indigenous solutions to cancer in places like Peru and India. 

The Biological Sciences department at Mount Saint Mary’s University helps change lives for the better – beginning with our own students. We hope you will join us in our mission to better our communities and our world together!

Student Research

In contrast with students at larger universities, Biological Sciences students at the Mount are encouraged to begin independent research projects with a faculty mentor in their second year.

In our research labs, students do cutting-edge work in studying cures for diabetes and cancer, understanding bacterial diseases, and exploring aquatic ecosystems. We also send our Mount students to present their work at local and national research conferences, and several of them even publish papers in prestigious academic journals with their mentors – a rare thing for undergraduate students!


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