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Course Descriptions

All ART courses marked with * (laboratory) carry a $40 Laboratory Fee

*ART 1 - Drawing I (3)
Beginning drawing class for those just starting and for those who need to renew skills. Development of basic drawing skills. Emphasis on fundamentals of form, structure, and composition. Various black and white media are explored.

*ART 2 - Design I (3)
An investigation of the elements and principles of design through specific visual problems.  Color theories are explored and subsequent interaction of color is studied through application.

*ART 3/103 - Visual Thinking (3)
Exploring the use of visual imagery as a form of communication and problem solving. Right brain thinking and the creative process will be considered. Understanding the language of vision and developing skills pertaining to the use of these visual elements and principles of design will be emphasized. The course seeks to develop a broader sense of self and the potential for using visual thinking as an alternate mode of knowing. It complements analytical skills and is applicable to creative problem solving in all disciplines. GS-IIIA.

*ART 4 - Painting I (3)
The development of skills relative to composition, color and other structural elements of painting. Primarily acrylic or oil paint will be used although various materials can be considered. Building a stretcher bar and stretching canvas will be included.

*ART 7/107 - Experiences in the Visual Arts (3)
The aim of this course is to help students develop a greater aesthetic awareness through direct exposure to the visual arts. Emphasis on visits to artists, studios, museums, and galleries. GS-IIIA

ART 8/108 - Digital Deluge (3)
This course will examine new forms in Photography using the cell phone camera, digital point and shoot, digital SLR or film cameras. Emphasis will be on how these forms can limit and influence the creative output. Through a series of assignments the student will create a body of work to be portfolio ready upon completion of the class. This course is open to all students. Grad levels will be required to complete an additional assignment.

*ART 10 - Photography I (3)
A laboratory and theory course that is concerned with a working understanding of a 35mm format camera, techniques of shooting, developing, and printing. Photo projects in this course will have an emphasis with issues dealing with contemporary society and social issues. This is a black and white course. The art department will loan 35mm cameras to students with a need.

*ART 11 - Printmaking I (Intaglio) (3)
A laboratory course involving etching, monotype, relief printing processes and computer generated photo etching. Historical development and the aesthetic value of the print image will be considered. Creative experimentation with materials and technique is emphasized.

*ART 12 - Ceramics I (3)
Beginning course with emphasis on gaining skills through manipulation and facility of the material clay. Students will be introduced to beginning techniques of hand building including coil and slab construction with an emphasis toward the ability to create complex volumetric forms. Personal development of visual concepts through given projects will be encouraged. 

*ART 15 - Computer Graphics (3)
This course will introduce graphics programs of the Adobe Suite such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and In-Design while exploring a range of design issues. The computer will serve as a tool for learning and expressing ideas through visual means. This course is taught both on a PC and Mac platform. Art 2 recommended for Design fundamentals but not required.

ART 17 - Digital Black and White Photography(3)
An introductory studio and field course. Course will introduce the use of a Digital camera, RAW files, file management, and printing. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop in conjunction with Adobe Light Room or Bridge. Special Emphasis will be placed upon thematic image development.

*ART 22/122 - Watercolor (1-3)
Watercolor is a perfect medium for sketching and on-the-scene record. It has been the preferred medium of travelers since the time of Albecht Durer in the sixteenth century Germany. It is a favorite medium for illustration. Due to its interpretive qualities it is often considered a poetic medium capable of conveying delicate emotion. Beginning with line and wash, the student will be guided through the basic techniques and subjects most suitable to this extraordinary painting medium. Color mixing, value, glazes, brush techniques and wet into wet painting will be covered through a series of exercises and demonstrations. More advanced students will be encouraged to inventive uses of combined techniques and subject.

*ART 23/123 - Introduction to Bookmaking (1-3)
This class will teach basic binding techniques as well as open possibilities for creating personal books with content. Students will be introduced to different structures while learning folding, cutting, stitching, adhesive, and non-adhesive binding techniques.

*ART 24 - Wood (1-3)
This class will explore the nature of wood and how the material can be shaped and formed. Students will be introduced to techniques such as sawing, planning, joinery, and finish work with both hand and power tools.

ART 94 - Study/Travel (1-6)

*ART 99 - Special Experience (3)
An individually designed course combining field experience with studio projects. May be repeated for credit.

*ART 102 - Design II (3)
This course further investigates the application of elements and principles of design. Included are graphic processes and techniques. Topics include an introduction to typography, layout, advanced color theory and an introduction to 3-D Design.   Prerequisite: ART 2

*ART 115 - Computer Graphics II (3)
Advanced skill using Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop for both print and the web. Emphasis will be on development of successful design concepts, combining text and images, along with solid production skills.

*ART 116 - Design for the World Wide Web (3)
Prerequisite: ART 15 What it takes to make a successful web site from start to finish. Creation of a web site through the writing of HTML code. Course work will include class discussion and work on advanced Adobe Photoshop file creation techniques, integrating forms, layout options, JavaScript, animation, and FTP. 

*ART 130 AB - Graphic Communication (3,3)
Prerequisite: Art 15 The development of visual language for the purpose of communicating social, industrial and institutional concerns. Using pictogram, symbol, and logo design, students create visual identity for organizations, business, and personal concerns. Students learn the language of design as they develop the skills to communicate as a designer with a client and to put into visual language the needs of the client. A variety of techniques and graphic processes will be explored.

*ART 131 - Graphic Production (3)
Prerequisite: ART 2 Advanced studies in professional print production. Continued work in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Quark Xpress. Students will learn the inside and outside of what it takes to prepare files and successfully work with professional image setters and printers. 

ART 133 AB - Illustration (3,3)
Prerequisite: Art 15 The study of contemporary illustrators and their work for both content and style in publications and media. Emphasis is placed on developing skills applicable to illustrations and communicating your ideas with a convincing message and technique. Assignments may cover material such as CD covers, book jackets, stories or magazine articles.

ART 134 - Sophomore Portfolio (3)
The goal of this course to begin the process of professional presentation. The course will emphasizes documentation of work through photographic means, presentation of the documents both in an electronic and non electronic format, resume building, production of a body of self assigned work, and artist statement.

ART 35/135 - Graphic Art/Media/Film Internship (1-3)
Development of skills in the graphic arts as used in contemporary electronic printing, or other modes of printing as interest dictates. Emphasis will be on design, layout, and copy production and the step-by-step preparation of artwork from design to press. Prerequisite: ART 2. *ART 136 Visual Thinking II (3)

*Art 136 - Visual Thinking II (3)
The further development of skills and understanding pertaining to the use of visual thinking as a method of creative problem solving. Emphasis will be placed on conceptual development, presentation and verbal analysis. The application of the visual elements and principles of all art will continue. Prerequisite: ART 3.

*ART 145 - Arts and Crafts in the Classroom (1-3)
A variety of skills for the elementary and secondary grades to demonstrate arts or crafts activities to the group. Students become acquainted with classroom methods. They will use art education processes as a method to enhance reading, writing, arithmetic, and social studies. Students investigate problems such as group and individual motivation, self motivation, and attitudes of self expression typical of different ages and temperaments. Requirement for single subject credential in Art. *ART 146 Three-Dimensional Design (3)

*Art 146 - Three Dimensional Design (3)
An introduction into basic design vocabulary and concepts through the use of exciting use of basic materials to explore three-dimensional form and space. A variety of materials will be explored that are directly applicable to this exploration.

*ART 149 - Sculpture I (3)
An introduction into basic sculpture processes and techniques. Emphasis on the creative development of three-dimensional form in space. A variety of materials, including industrial and alternative, will be explored.

*ART 150 ABC - Photography II (3,3,3)
The further development of camera and dark-room techniques. Emphasis will be placed on the study and creative use of controlled lighting. Advanced students will explore contemporary photo processes. Understanding of photography in a historical perspective will be a component of this course. Personal direction and development of photography as an art form will be emphasized. Prerequisite: ART 10.

*ART 151 ABC - Printmaking II (3,3,3)
Further development of printmaking skills including etching, computer/photo “image on” intaglio, and multiple plate color printing and monotype. Personal direction will be encouraged. Prerequisite: ART 11.

*ART 152 ABC - Color Digital Photography (3,3,3)
A studio and field work course. Course will cover lighting, still life, and portrait photography. Color management and theory will be covered. Emphasis will be placed on development of concept based thematic body of work. Adobe Photoshop in conjunction with Lightroom and/ Bridge will be used.

ART 159 ABC - Sculpture II (3,3,3)
Advanced problems which encourage conceptual development and technical control. Individual direction and choice of materials are encouraged. Prerequisite: ART 12.

*ART 162 ABC - Ceramics II (3,3,3)
Development of personal vocabulary will be emphasized. Sequential addition of new skills coupled with refinement of existing skills. Emphasis will be on learning the potter’s wheel. Glaze formulation and kiln operation will be introduced. Individual direction through selective problems will be encouraged. Prerequisite: ART 12.

*ART 164 ABC - Drawing II (Figure) (3,3,3)
Drawing from life in various media, preceded by introductory anatomical studies. The accurate and creative use of the figure in composition will be an objective of the course. Advanced students will concentrate on composition and individual development using the figure. Prerequisite: ART 4.

*ART 166 ABC - Painting II (3,3,3)
Contemporary modes of painting will be explored and traditional approaches re-examined. Emphasis will be on the further development of skills and techniques. Various painting materials will be investigated. Individual problems in painting will be coordinated.  Prerequisite: ART 4.

ART 170 - History of Art: Ancient thru Medieval (3)
Illustrated lecture. Art from the prehistorical period to 1400 A.D., including Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the late middle ages. Relationships of painting sculpture, and architecture to the social and cultural environment. GS-IIIA

ART 171 - History of Art: Renaissance thru Romanticism (3)
Illustrated lecture. The arts in Europe from 1400 to 1850. Study of major styles and artists including Michelangelo, Rubens, Rembrandt, Delacroix, and their relationship to their culture. GS-IIIA

Art 172 - History of Art: Modern World (3)
Illustrated lecture. Major art movements and personalities from 1850 to the present, including Impressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, the Mexican muralists, Abstract Expressionism, and current trends. Emphasis on the cultural trends which provide the visual and theoretical background of contemporary art. GS-IIIA

ART 173 - Multiculturalism and the Visual Arts (3)
Illustrated lecture and discussion. A study of art from the diverse cultures which make up the pluralistic character of the United States. African American, Asian, Hispanic and Native American art will be examined along with the contemporary social and cultural implications. GS-IIIA, VI

ART 174 - Women in Contemporary Art (3)
Illustrated lecture and discussion. An art history course that will include women as artists and the position of the female vis -à-vis the art world. A study of women in the arts considers the history of women artists in a social, political and economic context. This course can fulfill a Women’s Studies minor requirement GS-IIIA

ART 175 - Critical Theories in the Visual Arts: Seminar (3)
A systematic approach to art theory, criticism, and evaluation. Includes visits to museums, galleries, and exhibits. Lecture and discussion. Prerequisite: Major or minor in art. *ART 90/190 Workshop (1-3)

ART 177 - History and Criticism of Photography (3)
The course History and Criticism of Photography will present a visually oriented history of the development of photography from its inception in 1839 to contemporary practices; and it's success as an art form, a pastime, and a profession. The course will be facilitated with power point presentations, films, and portfolio reviews from visiting photographers. In addition, a visit to a local museum collection will be arranged. The course focus will be on the individual accomplishments and contributions of individuals in the areas of portraiture, documentary, landscape, and fine art photography. GS-IIIA

ART 178 - The Arts and Myths of Mesoamerica (3)
Surveys art and visual culture of the indigenous peoples of Mexico and northern Central America: Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador, prior to the Spanish conquest. We address the dynamics between people in indigenous nations and settler states and patterns of cultural interchange. We analyze colonialism and its impact on cultural production. The class visits LACMA and will learn to identify major sites and monuments from the Olmecs to the Aztecs. GS-IIIA

ART 179 - Mexican Art (3)
Survey of three periods of Mexican art including the Prehispanic period: the preclassic, classic and post classic periods in Mesoamerica with an examination of the sites and works of the Olmecas, Teotihuacan, Toltecas, Zapotecas, Mayas, Aztecs and Tarascos. In the Baroque Colonial period emphasis is on the impact of artists from Europe on native artisans. In the contemporary period, emphasis is on the muralists and artists working today.

ART 180 - Gallery Management (1-3)
Students will become familiar with the many daily routines of managing an art gallery, including reviewing artist portfolios, gallery maintenance, show installation, advertising, and designing flyers for upcoming art exhibits. Maybe repeated for credit.

*Art 90/190 - Workshop (3)
May be repeated for credit.

ART 191 - Directed Readings (1-3)
May be repeated for credit. 

ART 192 - Special Studies in Art (1-3)
A series of courses designed to provide breadth to the course offerings within areas of art. May be repeated for credit.

ART 193 - Senior Project and Exhibition (3)
Open to all graduating seniors majoring in art. Students will complete and coordinate a body of work to be exhibited and documented for use in an exit portfolio. The course includes the installation and all organizational aspects of the exhibition to be held in José Drudis -Biada Art Gallery. Prerequisite: Senior with an art major.

ART 195 - Internship (1-3)

ART 196 H
- Senior Honors Thesis (3)
Open only to students admitted to the Honors Program.

*ART 199 - Independent Study (1-3)
Advanced individual problems. May be repeated for credit.