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American Studies

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Interested in history or political science, but looking for something more closely focused on the American experience, particularly as it relates to our culture and system of government?

Welcome to American Studies, an interdisciplinary major at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Our program draws from classes across a wide array of departments, including History, English, Political Science, Sociology, Business, and even Art.

We offer the American Studies degree program to provide students like you with a deeper understanding of the distinctiveness of American culture. The curriculum explores the differences between our collective experience and that of other cultures around the world, while analyzing developing trends in American society, public policy and consumer behavior.

If you have a goal of working in governmental service or politics, an American Studies degree may be the right choice for you. The program provides a solid foundation for those pursuing careers in finance, business, management, writing, teaching and even law. Because the American Studies degree is interdisciplinary, many Mount students double-major in programs like History, English or Political Science.

Discover the true meaning of "The American Experience" with a degree in American Studies from Mount Saint Mary’s University. Learn while you prepare for a wide range of career options that will benefit from this fascinating and challenging course of study.


woman with dark hair and blue shirt smilingLia Roberts, PhD
Department Chair