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Program Goals and Outcomes

Pre-Health Science Learning Goals and Assessment Plan

Faculty teaching the science content of the Pre-Health Science major in the Associate Degree program identified Learning Goals for this major. Learning Goals for the undergraduate program at the College, and Learning Goals that had been identified for the Associate degree Liberal Arts major were available to these faculty members. In the end, it was decided to adopt three of the Learning Goals from the Associate degree program in Liberal Arts, and to create three science-specific Learning Goals to reflect this orientation of the program.

Learning Goals (order does not reflect importance)
  1. Utilize effective written and oral expression of ideas.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to critically analyze written materials and generate expository writing.
  3. Understand individual and group behavior in society.
  4. Understand and use scientific language and concepts fluently within the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics (e.g., scientific method)
  5. Competent lab skills (e.g., safely follow procedures, appreciate level of detail required)
  6. Proficiency in math skills at basic algebra level