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Advanced (Two Year) Program

Classes are admitted in Fall and Spring

Pre-Requisites To Nursing Clinical Courses

Course NameUnits
Anatomy with lab* 4
General Chemistry with lab* 3
Physiology with lab* 4
Microbiology with lab* 4
Written and Oral Communication 6
General Psychology 3
Developmental Psychology 3
Philosophy 3
Sociology/Diversity 3
GSI III course (Art, Humanities, Music, History, Political Science, or Economics 3
Religious Studies may be taken with nursing courses 3

*Courses must have been completed within five years prior to admission.

  • RST 41 may be taken in the first or second year of the program
  • Transfers in 33 to 36 units of prerequisite courses starts in the second year of the program upon admission


Total for Associate of Arts Degree in Nursing: 81 units

PLEASE NOTE: The Associate Degree in Nursing meets the standards for and has been approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, leading to a California Registered Nurse (RN) license.  Students who wish to practice in a state other than California may or may not have additional educational and/or non-educational requirements to complete prior to applying for the RN license. Current students may review the Associate Degree in Nursing state authorization and professional licensure webpage to determine whether this program meets the educational requirements in a specific state. MSMU would like to help our students navigate the licensure process. Contact the A.D.N office at (213) 477-2630 or via email at to discuss the process of obtaining an RN license in a state outside of California. The A.D.N program is being discontinued and is not accepting new A.D.N students at this time.