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Liberal Studies

Interested in making a difference in the lives of children and in the world?
Read more about Teacher Preparation at the Doheny Campus of Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles and apply now!

Your study at the Mount will help you explain to those who ask:
“Why would you want to be a teacher?”
We understand the importance of teaching and the excitement that comes from opening doors of learning for children.

If you enjoy younger children, consider an Associate in Arts Degree (AA) in Early Childhood Education. After successfully completing this two-year program, you will have a Child Development Teacher Permit and can begin your teaching career in pre-school settings with young/

You can either work for a time in your field or move right ahead on your career path for the elementary teaching credential and a BA degree in Liberal Studies. Or you may decide that Child Development is the major for you.

If you want to work with older children (K-5/6), begin by getting your A. A. degree in Liberal Arts with an Emphasis in Liberal Studies for a seamless transfer to the BA program at Chalon.

Either way you choose, qualified students take classes for the teaching credential in the sophomore year on the Doheny Campus. A big advantage of a Teacher Preparation Program at the Mount is working for your degree and credential at the same time. Another is the support services available to help you achieve passing scores on the entry level tests future teachers are required to take.

After you transfer from the AA program, with careful planning, you may finish a BA degree in Liberal Studies and coursework for the teaching credential in just four more semesters and then complete a semester of supervised teaching for the elementary (K-5/6) teaching credential. Some students have even fit in a semester of study abroad.

Don’t delay. Apply now for a fall or spring semester start. Would you like to talk about your interest in teaching or have questions about beginning the program at the Doheny Campus? Contact Kieran Vaughan, Program Coordinator at 213-477-2628 or