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Liberal Arts

AA in Liberal Arts

The Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts is designed for the student who wishes to explore various disciplines and have a wide variety of experiences. At the completion of the Associate in Arts program, the student may pursue a major leading to a baccalaureate degree in her chosen field and/or she may enter a career which utilizes the benefits from her interdisciplinary program. For transfer to the baccalaureate program on the Chalon campus, the student should consult her advisor regarding General Studies requirements. Requirements for admission into the Liberal Arts program are the same as those for admission into the Associate Degree program.

The AA Degree in Liberal Arts provides students with the following:

  • a breadth of knowledge to enable them to make meaningful choices in their lives;
  • a depth of knowledge to spark the intellectual curiosity to explore ideas;
  • a wealth of information to be empowered citizens;
  • the tools to think, speak, and write critically and reflectively;
  • an ability to incorporate different frames of reference to better understand the interaction of culture, history, and the environment; and
  • an appreciation of the way arts enrich our lives.