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Early Childhood Education

ECE students provide Week of the Young Child carnival for children from MSMU Child Development Center

The Associate Degree Program in Early Childhood Education is designed for the student who wishes to enter the field of preschool teaching directly upon graduation or to prepare another career working with children and/or families. At the completion of the two-year program, the student is qualified to teach in child development programs (pre-kindergarten) or to transfer to a four-year program to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Development, or to complete the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Liberal Studies Major.

The two-year program at the Doheny Campus fulfills coursework and fieldwork requirements for a Child Development Teacher Permit. The requirements as established by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing are the following:

  1. Completion of an Associate of Arts degree or higher in early childhood education
  2. A supervised field experience (EDU 39) in an early childhood education setting.
  3. The candidate must have earned a "C" or above in each course used for the permit. This permit is issued for five years and is renewable for successive five-year periods with the completion of 105 hours of professional growth. A Child Development Teacher Permit authorizes the holder to provide service in the care, development, and instruction of children in a child development program, and supervise a Child Development Permit Associate Teacher, a Child Development Permit Assistant, and an aide.

As Title 5 California Administrative Code Regulations pertaining to revisions in the Child Development Permit are enacted, notification of such revisions are made to students who are enrolled in the program, as well as those who make inquiry regarding it. It is recommended that those reading this section for the first time inquire as to whether the regulations stated here have undergone revision by the state.