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Baptism, Confirmation and First Eucharist

Each of these powerful sacraments is an entryway into the fullness of Christian life in the Catholic Church.  

If you feel drawn to exploring one or more of these sacraments, and if it is right for you, please email us at Taking this step is not a commitment on your part, but just a chance for you to ask questions, and the beginning of a conversation about what may be best for you.  

Preparation for these Sacraments of Initiation extends over months (or more) of participation in Sunday Mass, community, and service, with spiritual direction and regular meetings of learning and reflection. 

The celebrations of these sacraments usually take place in Eastertime (spring) of every year! 


Baptism of Your Baby

Baby Baptism

We wish you every blessing in your sacred vocation as a parent!  And the Mount community would be honored to welcome your child into God’s Church through baptism.

The children of Mount students, staff, and faculty may always be baptized at the Second Sunday of Easter Mass each spring (7 pm in the Chalon campus’ Mary Chapel).  If you are an active alum of the Mount, you are welcome to talk with us to see if this might be possible for you.  At Mount Saint Mary’s, all baptisms are done in the context of the community's Sunday Mass. 

The baptism of a child involves the public commitment of the parents to raise their child in the faith.  So we ask the parents to participate in baptismal preparation at their parish, or in several meetings with Campus Ministers at the Mount to talk about what this special role of the Christian parent might look like for them.  Because Baptisms usually take place in parish communities in which the child will have a regular early experience of worship and community, we ask the parents to talk with their parish pastor, and to receive his blessing in having their child baptized at the Mount.  (It’s a good way to meet your pastor if you haven’t already!)

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

(Also known as Penance or Confession)

If you would like to meet with a priest and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, this is always possible on Sundays just after Mass, when a priest is on campus.

If you would like to receive this Sacrament at a time other than Sunday, please contact us and we will help to find a priest to meet with you.

Each Lent, priests are made available to the Mount community for one day on each campus. 

Anointing of the Sick

If you are seriously ill, in body or spirit, this Sacrament strengthens and sustains you with the love of God and the Church. In the context of a community, or a small group of ministers and friends, this Sacrament is one of the Church’s gifts for those in need of healing.  

If you would like to receive this Sacrament, please contact us.


Congratulations! We wish you every blessing in your marriage, and we’re delighted that you are considering Mount Saint Mary’s for your wedding.

The Mount is a setting for Roman Catholic weddings in either the Mary Chapel (Chalon Campus) or the Our Lady of Mercy Chapel (Doheny Campus). The university does not host any non-Catholic or secular weddings, on any site, on either campus. 

All current students, faculty and staff desiring a Roman Catholic wedding are welcome to celebrate it in one of our chapels. Alumni who have an ongoing relationship with the university are also welcome to request a campus wedding. For a Roman Catholic wedding, either the bride or the groom must be a Roman Catholic.

There are two people you should contact to begin: Laura Gomez, Assistant Director of Campus Ministry, and Susan Lee, Coordinator of Events.

Susan will help tentatively reserve a date and discuss many essential practical details. Gail will help guide you in your preparations for the Sacrament of Marriage at the Mount.

The University’s policy is that weddings should take place when the University is not in session, so that student life is not disrupted.  For the most part, depending on the campus, the best times of year are mid-May through early August, mid-December, or the week of Spring Break (usually in March).

Some Starting Steps for a Roman Catholic Wedding at Mount Saint Mary’s

  • Please meet with a priest or deacon who you would like to witness your wedding, at least six months before your desired wedding date. (He must be officially recognized as a cleric in good standing with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles).
  • Please arrange with the priest or deacon for your marriage preparation.
  • Your priest or deacon will discuss this in more detail with you:  if you or your fiance/e (of any religion) was previously married (in civil or religious ceremony), and the former spouse is still living, you or your partner will need to engage in the Catholic Church’s annulment process.  This process has been simplified, but it may well take longer than six months.  Many people find the process to be very helpful and spiritually enriching in their preparation for a second marriage. 
  • Once you have met with your priest or deacon and begun the preparation for your marriage, the Campus Minister will help you draft a letter to our Regional Bishop, who will give the final approval for your wedding in a chapel a university campus.  If you have met with a priest or deacon of the Catholic Church, the Bishop is happy to approve the Mount as the site of your Sacrament of Marriage. 

For more info on any Campus Ministry activities, contact us at 213.477.2672 or 310.954.4125  or email us at