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A voice for the voiceless

The vision of a just world is possible only when our societies can grow and flourish, when people’s rights are protected, responsibilities are met and no one is left behind. But sadly, in many places around the world, the rights of the most vulnerable people are often trampled under self-interest.

Caritas International Annual Report, 2019

Mount students, staff, faculty, and administration prioritize working for justice in many areas. Campus Ministry teams educate themselves and others, and develop programs related to the following issues.


In Los Angeles County alone, there are over 66,000* unhoused persons. Through education and action, we help to broaden knowledge and outreach to support those who live on the streets and in transitional housing.

* Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, 2020 Homeless Count

Fair Trade

MSMU supports fair trade and is moving toward being an official Fair Trade University. Fair Trade products come from trading partnerships that seek greater justice in international trade. Farmers and workers receive guaranteed minimum prices, enjoy safe working conditions, and the methods of production are environmentally sustainable. Common products include chocolate, tea, coffee, clothing, and housewares.

Prison Ministry

How do you minister to those who are in prison? Explore ways of reaching out those youth who are incarcerated and support the ministry of those attending to their needs.


Hunger and food insecurity affects approximately 2 billion people in the world, and the numbers are increasing due to the pandemic, climate change, and other factors.* Meet our local neighbors with freshly prepared meal bags, participate in engaging and interactive programs about hunger, and share information with the Mount community about steps to alleviate this global issue.


Political Engagement

You have a voice in changing policies in the US at the local and national level. Be a part of visits with State Assembly and Congressional members where you’ll share your passion for justice and fine-tune your presentation skills. We’ll learn together about issues that affect the local and global community, and support and encourage those who represent us to keep those with the greatest needs a priority when crafting legislation.

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