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About Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry helps you to grow in your spiritual life while you are in college -- and that’s at the heart of a Mount Saint Mary’s education!  The student and professional ministry team will work with you to find just the right path for you, whatever your religious heritage.

There are many opportunities to explore:   prayer and worship experiences, Sunday Mass, spiritual companionship with a Sister of St. Joseph, bible study, meditation, preparation for sacraments, and many ways to serve and to work for global justice.  Each year, Campus Ministry organizes trips for Catholic Relief Services student leaders, the LA Religious Education Congress, and pilgrimages to places like the Holy Land.  And Campus Ministry specializes in the festivities of the whole university, from Mass of the Holy Spirit to weekly fresh baked cookies and conversation.  New ideas are welcome!

Our team includes professional ministers, student ministers, and priests - sacramental ministers. You are welcome to get involved or just to try something new – and you are always and especially invited to simply drop by to talk or visit.

Our Mission

Campus Ministry seeks the unity of neighbor with neighbor and neighbor with God and works for this by:

  • supporting and strengthening the Catholicity of the entire university,in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph.
  • promoting and enhancing the spiritual development of faculty, staff, students and alumnae of every religious tradition.
  • fostering Gospel-inspired, educated, thoughtful, and committed participation in communities of both Church and society.

Resources For Your Spiritual Life

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Contact Information

To contact us, please see our office location information below. If you'd like to visit us in-person, view our for driving instructions to each campus. 

Doheny Campus

1st Floor of Building 7

Chalon Campus

Brady 103

For any questions or concerns about our website, please contact the Campus Ministry Webmaster at

For any questions or concerns about our website, please contact us at