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Residence Halls

The residence halls on both the Chalon and Doheny campus are truly unique. Each hall is set up to encourage community building among the residents and offers a variety of amenities. We hope your stay at the halls is an enjoyable one!

Chalon Residence Halls

High atop the Santa Monica Mountains above Brentwood stands our historic Chalon campus, which dates to our founding in 1926. Here you’ll find a wide variety of on-campus living quarters that incorporate comfort, security and community design to foster close relationships with your fellow students.

Doheny Residence Halls

Nestled into a historic, private neighborhood just south of downtown Los Angeles is our Doheny Campus, the center piece of which, the Doheny Mansion, serves as the focal point to this lush, verdant, park-like setting. Doheny Campus is a combination of historic buildings and cutting-edge new architecture, and residential living here is equally memorable.