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Living at The Mount

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Parking and Transit

Mount Shuttle and Transit Resources

For students looking to explore Los Angeles or travel between campuses, the University provides a free shuttle service to the community.

Students can choose to hop on a Mount shuttle to and from each campus, from the Doheny Campus to Union Station, L.A.'s central train terminal and travel hub, as well as from the Chalon Campus to popular spots across the west side of Los Angeles.

Additionally, Los Angeles has a vast network of public transit available. Follow these links to check out mass transportation information, traffic problems, and updates:


Parking at The Mount

Parking on the Doheny and Chalon campuses throughout the year is by permit only. Visitors can purchase a daily parking permit for $5.

Chalon Campus

Explore parking and transit at our Chalon Campus.

View Chalon Parking Map Printable PDF
Doheny Campus

Explore parking and transit at our Doheny Campus.

View Doheny Parking Map Printable PDF