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Living at The Mount

Student Life

What to Bring

students sitting in dorm room

Here’s a handy list of key items to bring with you as you embark on your academic journey at Mount Saint Mary’s in Los Angeles.

Please note we’ve also included a list of what not to bring, just in case.

Above all, you’ll want to consider getting personal property insurance in the event one or more valued personal items go missing. The university cannot be responsible for any loss of personal items while living in on-campus housing.

What Your Room Includes

  • Bed
  • Dresser
  • Closet Desk and Chair
  • Telephone with voicemail services
  • Ethernet connection to the internet and wireless internet
  • Fans for rooms which do not include air conditioning

Definitely Bring These Items

  • Bed linens (extra long twin size)
  • Blankets or Comforter
  • Pillows
  • Bath towels
  • Desk lamp (please, no halogen lamps)
  • Room decorations
  • First aid kit
  • Your needed medical prescriptions
  • Clothes hangers
  • Personal toiletries and care products
  • Shower shoes
  • Laundry basket and detergent
  • Your mobile phone
  • Your personal computer and printer, with flash drive and UL-approved surge protector

Items You May Also Want to Bring

  • Small television (no larger than 32 inches)
  • Mini-fridge (no larger than 3.5 cubic feet)
  • Audio system (ideally, one that works with your mobile phone or computer)
  • Sewing kit
  • Ethernet cord or USB cord (this may be needed to connect your wireless printer to your computer)

Please Don’t Bring These Items

  • Toasters, toaster ovens, hot plates, blenders, electric skillets or grills – anything for in-room cooking
  • Candles and incense – no flame-based items whatsoever
  • Halogen lamps
  • Sunlamps
  • Portable air conditioning units
  • Don't bring Wifi routers, hubs or hotspots
    • When you introduce another wireless signal that competes with MSMU Wireless, you create a bad wireless experience for everyone.
  • Don't set up your printer's wireless features in your residence hall room
    • By setting up wireless printing, your printer will broadcast signals that interfere with MSMU Wireless. Instead, use a USB cord or Ethernet cord to connect to your printer.