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About the team

MSMU Running club was established in 2019 and continues to give student athletes an opportunity to run and compete on a college level. The club competes in races throughout LA year round. 

When do we race:

The club season begins the first week of school and runs all academic year. Practices start in the first couple of weeks each semester. Races are throughout each semester.

What races do we run:

The running club competes in different races throughout LA and the surrounding area.  This includes but is not limited to 5K, 10K, half-marathons, full marathons, sprints, mid-distance and hurdles events.

Who is eligible to play:

All individuals enrolled, as MSMU students, with a love for running and the conviction to be dedicated, are eligible and encouraged to try out for the team.

How to Join

Contact coach Radenko Miskovic for information on tryouts, practices, etc.