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PED Classes

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The Sports, Recreation & Wellness Department offers physical education classes for MSMU students.

These 1 credit hour classes are offered as electives and are intended to enhance and balance the academic course load of students. All courses, with the exception of PED 100, are Credit/No Credit and may be repeated for credit.

A maximum of six units of special programs (SPR) and Physical Education classes (PED) combined may be applied to requirements for the baccalaureate degree.



Class Offerings

Each semester we offer different classes on different campuses. Please refer to WebAdvisor for specific information on classes, campus, day, time, etc. Not all classes listed below will be offered every semester.

Typical Classes OfferedCampus
PED 004B Ballet Chalon
PED 002B Boxing Chalon 
PED 004C Cardio Dance Chalon & Doheny
PED 002K Cardio Kickboxing      Chalon & Doheny
PED 002Q Cycle and Yoga Chalon
PED 002R Cycle and Core Chalon
PED 005D Day Hiking Chalon
PED 004J Jazz Chalon
PED 001M Meditation for Stress Management  Chalon & Doheny
PED 001P Pilates Mat Chalon & Doheny
PED 001S Self Defense Chalon & Doheny
PED 002P Studio Cycling Chalon
PED 006R Soccer Doheny
PED 006S Swimming Chalon & Doheny
PED 001W Total Body Conditioning Chalon & Doheny
PED 001Y Yoga Chalon & Doheny
PED 002Z Zumba Doheny


Students register for PED classes in the same way as all other academic classes.

During the open registration period, students register through WebAdvisor. During Add/Drop week, students will need to use the Add/Drop form.