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Intramural Sports

About Intramural Sports

*Following LA County Public Healthy guidelines, Intramural Sports are currently put on pause.

Intramural sports are structured opportunities to participate in a variety of sports.

Programs consist of leagues and tournaments that are played between MSMU students. If there are not enough MSMU students to create a league, a team may be formed to play against UCLA students in their intramural program. All skill levels are welcome to play, with opportunities for beginners and experienced players.

Intramural sports are a great way to meet new friends, get active, and have fun!

Sport Opportunities

SportWhere Played
Basketball UCLA
Flag Football UCLA
Volleyball MSMU
Soccer MSMU
Dodgeball                       MSMU


If you are interested in playing an intramural sport, email John McQuillan at Please include what sports you would be interested in playing.