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Health & Fitness

Student Life

Mind, Body, & Soul

A healthy mind in a healthy body! That's the path to long term satisfaction and success in college and beyond.

At the Mount every student is encouraged to stay active, get fit, make responsible choices for their personal well-being and to learn all they can about a healthy lifestyle. Student Health Services and Counseling and Psychological Services can support your pursuit of these goals. Disability Services are ready to assist those who need their expertise. And the Mount's Fitness Education Program goes all out to give you a path to life-time fitness and fun.

These programs and services are ready to make your time at the Mount enjoyable and healthy in every way.

Counseling & Psychological Services

The mission of CPS is to enhance the emotional growth and academic success of students by promoting balanced lifestyles, positive self-regard, and essential life skills.

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Sports & Wellness

The Sports & Wellness Department offers students, faculty, and staff many opportunities to engage in an active, healthy lifestyle.

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Student Health Services

In Student Health Services, emphasis is placed on preventive medicine and on positive health practices which will become a part of each student's lifestyle.

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Wellness at the Mount

Mount Saint Mary’s University has created a comprehensive wellness initiative centered on the principles of inclusion, empowerment, and personal well-being.

Together, we are dedicated to an Unstoppable commitment to the well-being of our community. At The Mount, we believe it is our responsibility to respond to the needs of the times and lead the way for universities with our Wellness Initiative.

Check out why wellness is a cornerstone for achievement at the Mount!