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At Mount Saint Mary's University, all are called to lead.

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At Mount Saint Mary's University, all are called to lead.

Mount Leads serves to unify the leadership experience for all students. Nearly every program, academic and co-curricular, provides opportunities for leadership development and teaches students valuable leadership lessons they take into the world after graduation. Mount Leads provides a common language of leadership centered around the Four Core Principles.Through exploration of the Four Core Principles, students can realize their leadership potential, connect the skills they learn through various leadership experiences, and articulate who they are as leaders.

Our Definition of Leadership

Based on the Relational Leadership Model: Leadership is a relational process of people together attempting to accomplish change or make a difference to benefit the common good.

Leadership Beliefs

  • Leaders are made, not born.
  • Everyone has the capacity to lead.
  • Leadership can be learned.
  • Leadership, like learning, is a life-long process.
  • Leadership is not value neutral.
  • Leadership comes in many forms.
  • Leadership is not "one size fits all."

The Four Core Principles of Mount Leads

Awareness of Self and Personal Wellness Icon

Awareness of Self & Personal Wellness

Students are confident in their abilities and seek to improve and strengthen themselves through active participation as well as personal self-reflection.

Ethical Decision Making and Integrity Icon

Ethical Decision Making & Integrity

Students affirm and clarify their values through their experiences and use them to make ethical and moral decisions in their lives.

Critical Thinking and Communication Icon

Critical Thinking & Communication Skills

Students are able to communicate effectively and articulate their ideas and thoughts in a manner that upholds their opinions and beliefs while respecting those of others.

Active Citizenship Icon

Active Citizenship

Students are committed to the greater good and actively seek ways to affect change through engagement with others in their campus, local, and global communities.

Mount Leads is an initiative of the Division of Student Affairs, coordinated by Women's Leadership & Student Engagement. For more information e-mail