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About the Program

tour guides with groups of younger students

High School Ambassadors

Introduced in 1991, the Student Ambassador Program is one of MSMU’s community/high school partnership programs that motivate thousands of high school students to complete high school and aspire to a college education.

The MSMU's Student Ambassadors work with the high school students, and in some cases their parents, answering questions which pertain to the college application process, preparation for college, college life, financial aid, and provide assistance to the high school counselors. Each Ambassador is assigned to a high school or site and is expected to work on a weekly basis. (The Student Ambassador Program is funded through grants by organizations that believe in closing the gap in higher education). A key to the effectiveness of the Student Ambassador Program is the aspect of peer counseling and role modeling. Many of our MSMU students come from backgrounds similar to those of the individuals and/or communities they assist.

When we are able, we send an Ambassador back to the high school from which she graduated. Thus, the Ambassador’s very presence in the counseling office says, “If I can do it, so can you!”

Community Partner Ambassadors

The Community Engagement Office provides on site educational and professional opportunities for MSMU Community Partner Ambassadors at off campus community organizations.

MSMU develops partnerships with specific community organizations, which promote human and community development. These organizations provide a wide range of services to the community. The partnerships provide rich, educational arenas where MSMU students can learn lasting patterns of civic responsibility and community involvement.