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Serve Your Community

Discover our service organizations dedicated to giving back to the community.

Get involved with some of our service organizations dedicating to serving in the spirit of The Mount founders.

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Building Bridges Across Borders

The mission of Building Bridges Across Borders is to advocate, educate and raise awareness, and provide opportunities to engage in direct service with immigrants and refugees. We want to advance a more just, compassionate, and humane life for immigrants and refugees reflecting on Gospel values and Catholic Social Teaching, as expressed in the principles of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. We aim to inform students about their rights and obtain resources to become advocates for ourselves and for our families.

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ECO Club

The purpose of this club shall be:

  1. To increase environmental awareness and responsibility.
  2. To promote urban agriculture and community gardening.
  3. To enhance participation in developing a sustainable garden.
  4. To demonstrate organic growing methods.
  5. To advocate for food justice.
  6. To cultivate strong and long-lasting networks of support within our community.
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League of Women Voters Club

This Club/Chapter works alongside the external organization; League of Women Voters of Los Angeles (LWVLA). The MSMU League of Women Voters Club works to engage the Mount Community in local policy, civic education, and create an environment for women and men to voice their opinions and interact with peers to discuss issues within the local community in a nonpartisan manner. MSMU LWV Club seeks to share resources with LWVLA to the Mount Community to ensure participants take an active role on issues within the government.

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Operation Smile Student Club

The purpose for our chapter at Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles is to increase the awareness of international medical needs throughout the campus and the local communities. Our chapter provides opportunities for students from all academic fields to participate in various service projects to help raise funds for Operation Smile’s ambition of bringing a smile to the faces of children around the world.

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Oxfam America Club

The Oxfam America Club at Mount Saint Mary's is dedicated to aiding in the vision and mission of Oxfam America, and to educating the Mount community about the statistics and issues surrounding hunger and poverty globally. Through Oxfam America Club, students get to be a part of something that goes far beyond campus and our local community: they get to be part of an international effort to CHANGE the world.

Members of the Student Government Association pose for a photo.

Student Government Association

The Mount Saint Mary’s University Student Government Association is designed to promote and work for the needs of Mount students. Students are represented by elected/appointed student leaders who serve as the voice of the student body and work to make student-centered change on campus in collaboration with university officials.

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The Seekers-Philosophy Club

We exist to provide a forum for thought, discussion from a philosophical perspective and strategic planning for action about vital issues in the world. Our goal is to facilitate dialogue and nurture understanding through the shared perspectives of a widely diverse group of students.

Members gather for a group photo at AIDS Walk in Los Angeles


The UNICEF club at Mount Saint. Mary's University strives to advocate and pursue to achieve a holistic quality of life for children. We will join the many other members of UNICEF in achieving the goal of decreasing mortality rate of preventable diseases from 22,000 to ZERO.

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A student selling baked goods at a table at MSMU.

Veteran Outreach Association (VOA)

Welcome to the Veteran Outreach Association site! I invite you to join us at one of our events or meetings. First, the association is about educating veterans on their educational benefits and services provided by MSMU and/or third party resources. Second, the association encourages camaraderie and collaboration between all clubs on campus. Third, the association holds true to guiding young women and men in becoming leaders by initiating their own goals and ideas within the association.