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Cultural Organizations

Immerse Yourself in Culture

Join a number of our cultural clubs to immerse yourself in cultures from all over the world.

Explore our cultural organizations to learn more about our diverse community!

Two members stand right next to a club poster.

African American Council of Women (AACW)

The African American Council of Women (AACW) purpose is to perpetuate positive and valid representation of Black images and strive towards perfection. To focus on and assist in the development and retention of black students. To commit to improving the quality of life for the students from the perspective of, but not limited to, the African American Culture. To present a social atmosphere that would prove beneficial to the ethnicity of the African American Culture, and is conducive to networking, bonding and support. To promote an active support group of unity and sisterhood. To create an environment that is educational, informative, stimulating and entertaining. To become more dynamically involved in our cultural developments.


Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union will work towards and advocate for Black unity. This will be achieved by working to provide a safer community for Black students, promoting academic support, encouraging excellence, and providing a voice on the implementation of policies and procedures that affect Black students on our campuses.

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Genders & Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

The purpose of this club shall be:

  1. To empower lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allied MSMU students to advocate, organize, and mobilize an environment for a safer school and a healthier community.
  2. To educate students on how to stand up for safety and equality in their community.
  3. To bring LGBTQA+ and straight students together to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and learn about LGBTQ rights.
Members pose for a group photo.

Latinas Unidas (Cultural Club)

Latinas Unidas unites students that share a passion for cultural awareness and activism of the Latino community. Latinas Unidas educates nuestra familia, outside communities, and the Mount on issues regarding education, racial and social injustice, and culture.

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Three members pose for a group photos with berets on a stick.

Le Cercle Francophone (French Club)

Le Cercle Francophone is an organization for students who are interested in French language and francophone culture. Activities include exposure to French film, music, and cuisine, and are intended to expose the breadth and diversity of the francophone world!

Members gather for a group photo after their performance at the Mass of the Holy Spirit

Na Pua O’ Ka ‘Aina (NPOKA – Hawaiian Club)

Na Pua O Ka 'Aina serves to raise awareness, knowledge and appreciation of the Hawaiian and/or Polynesian cultures and traditions among its members and the student body. The club acts as a support system for students from Hawaii and its members. Na Pua O Ka 'Aina will establish open communication and interaction with other campuses as well as the community through cultural activities and social events.

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Pangkat Pilipino (Pilipino Cultural Club)

Pangkat Pilipino is dedicated to expanding the awareness of the Filipino culture through the involvement on campus and in the community. Our focus is to promote values of family, friendship, and unity. As leaders, we strive to display qualities of creativity, accountability, and integrity.

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Members in cosplay gather for a group photo.

Sakura Society (Japanese Cultural Appreciation Club)

The mission of the Sakura Society is to expose the Mount community to the extensive and eccentric Japanese culture. Our goal as members of the Sakura Society is to bring an awareness of the rich and beautiful culture of Japan.

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