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Wellness Philosophy and Vision


At Mount Saint Mary’s University, we believe it is our responsibility to respond to the needs of the times. And the times are calling for strong, confident and resilient leaders.

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Research indicates that health, energy and resilience are deeply intertwined with successful leadership. As an institution founded on the values of leadership and service, Mount Saint Mary’s graduates will need to be healthy as they carry forward our mission and are called to respond to the pressing issues facing society. That’s why we are getting healthy.

Our entire community — students, faculty, staff and alumnae — is launching a Mount Wellness movement that will transform our campuses and our culture. We will provide resources, experts and inspiration to help our community become, and remain, healthier. Along the way, we will eat better, sleep more, learn to manage our stress and get fit.

We will meet our community where they are in terms of wellness, and work together to achieve optimal health.

Our wellness movement will be accessible. It will be fun. And it will be challenging.

But we’re up for the challenge. That’s why we call ourselves unstoppable.

And since we’re unstoppable, we’re not stopping with just our students and just our campuses. Over half of our students graduate with degrees in the health sciences. By giving our graduates the tools they need to be healthy, they will then pay it forward to their future patients, clients and communities for years to come.

Currently, one out of two Americans is affected with a chronic health condition, and college campuses are not immune to these health issues. We must do better, not only for our students — our future leaders — but for those whom they will go on to serve.

As a women’s university in one of the most dynamic cities in the country, with one of the most diverse student populations in the nation, we will drive the agenda for health and wellness nationally.

Join us. Let’s get healthy together.

Ann McElaney-Johnson
Mount Saint Mary’s University


Our Mount Wellness movement is inspired by a sobering fact: Two-thirds of Mount Saint Mary’s students report that they enter their University years feeling unhealthy. That is unacceptable. And it is something that we can help change.

Our bold vision is to flip that statistic on its head: By 2025, our goal is for at least two-thirds of Mount Saint Mary’s students to feel healthy by the time they graduate.

How will we accomplish that? For starters, we know what our community needs. We know, because we asked.

Our comprehensive Mount Wellness initiative is based on a 2016 needs assessment that involved more than 1,300 students, faculty and staff members. The survey results highlighted four areas of focus that now form the tenets of the University’s wellness movement:

Move More · Eat Green · De-Stress · Sleep Well  

Those four areas of focus will guide us as we grow a wellness movement that is centered on the principles of inclusion, empowerment and personal wellbeing. To do so, we will act holistically, and employ all of our wellness resources at the Mount, including Food Services, Student Health Services, Counseling & Psychological Services, Sports and Wellness, as well as our expert faculty in the health sciences and physical therapy.

Together, we will make the Mount a model for healthy, vigorous living, and we will lead the way for colleges and universities across the nation.

Now is the time for resilience. Research shows that health and wellness play a vital role in not only physical and mental health, but also academic success, potential for growth and career satisfaction. That is why Mount Wellness will be a long-term commitment at the University. And that is why our vision is resolute.