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Meet the Chief Wellness Officer

Recent Progress on Wellness Initiatives at Mount Saint Mary's University

Two exciting developments in the wellness movement:

  • The planning and review process moves forward for the construction of a state-of-the-art Wellness Pavilion at the University’s Chalon Campus.
  • A comprehensive, needs-based strategy is taking shape that will determine the resources, experts and programs necessary for the University to become a model for healthy, vigorous living.

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New Chief Wellness Officer propels wellness movement into high gear

Mount Saint Mary’s wellness movement is gaining momentum, starting with the naming of a Chief Wellness Officer.

Bryant Adibe, M.D., an associate professor of health policy management at Mount Saint Mary’s, is now the leader of this ambitious wellness movement. In July, he was appointed as the University’s first-ever Chief Wellness Officer.

Adibe received his medical doctorate from the University of Florida, and completed clinical clerkships in emergency medicine at Harvard Medical School’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Stanford University Medical Center. Adibe also completed graduate coursework in evidence-based healthcare and research methodology at Oxford University (U.K.).

In his new role, Adibe will coordinate a Wellness Task Force made up of more than 20 faculty, staff, and student representatives. He will also share about the University’s wellness initiatives and innovations through public lectures and essays in media outlets.

“We believe the wellness movement at Mount Saint Mary’s will have a transformational impact on the health, confidence, and resilience of our students,” Adibe says. “I envision a wellness movement that welcomes and embraces our diversity. One that meets individuals wherever they are and encourages them to where they can be.”

For now, Adibe is focused on conducting the needs assessment that will be essential for the Mount’s wellness movement to make a long-term impact. A team of University experts will assist him in the assessment, including Stephen Inrig, PhD, director of health policy and management; Heather Brown, PhD, assistant vice president of institutional planning and research; Leah Fitzgerald, PhD, dean of nursing; and Autumn Johnson, director of sports and wellness.

“Our goal is to create a robust, positive culture of health and wellness across the entire Mount Saint Mary’s community,” President Ann McElaney-Johnson says. “We’re building that culture with input from all areas of the University, so that what we offer addresses the most pressing needs of our students, faculty and alums.”