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an UNSTOPPABLE Commitment
to Well-being

Mount Saint Mary’s University has created a comprehensive wellness initiative centered on the principles of inclusion, empowerment, and personal well-being. Watch below as MSMU students discuss the importance of the Mount Wellness initiative and why wellness is a cornerstone for achievement.

A Call to Action

At Mount Saint Mary’s University, we believe it is our responsibility to respond to the needs of the times. And the times are calling for strong, confident and resilient leaders.

We will lead the way for colleges and universities across the nation.

-Ann McElaney-Johnson, President Mount Saint Mary’s University

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4 Elements, 1 Goal: Wellness

Eat Green is a campus-wide campaign centered on healthy nutrition. In addition to encouraging our community to increase its consumption of fruits and vegetables, this initiative also advocates for foods that are sustainably-sourced and

De-Stress is a critical part of our wellness movement that seeks to address a common problem in our society: rising stress levels. Through personalized training in mindfulness and meditation, this initiative aims to provide healthier alternatives for dealing with stress.
Sleep Well is an initiative devoted to encouraging all members of our community to get the recommended amount of sleep each night. Through workshops in proper sleep hygiene, and by referencing cutting-edge research and technology, this program aims to maximize the many well-documented health benefits of sleep.

Move More is a concerted effort to inspire all members of our community to be physically active. Through offerings that include group fitness, yoga, walks and marathon training to name a few, there are opportunities to meet every activity level.

Mount Wellness BLOG

Student Juggling

Monotasking Keeps the Brain Healthy and You More Productive.

By: Samira Far/ Bryant Adibe, M.D.

Bryant Adibe


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By: Bryant Adibe, M.D.



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By: Susan Scutti

Dr. Wayne Anderson appears in an interview

Mount Wellness

Creating a culture of health: Mount Wellness conversation

Bryant Adibe, MD and Wayne Scott Andersen, MD

Jennifer Morgan appears in a video

Mount Wellness

Confidence, courage, well-being: Peer Wellness at the Mount!

By: Jennifer Morgan

Wellness Images