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Jasmine Gutierrez ’19 and Emelly Ortiz-Villa ’20 sample water in tributary leading to the Pacific Ocean.

Jasmine Gutierrez ’19 and Emelly Ortiz-Villa ’20 draw samples from a tributary leading to the Pacific Ocean.

Undergrads' real-world research


In the fall/winter 2017 issue of Mount Magazine, we take a look at recent undergraduate research projects at Mount Saint Mary's -- projects that are anything but theoretical. 

"We value research at the undergraduate level because it builds practical knowledge and skills," says Adriane Jones, PhD, assistant professor of biological sciences. "You can take what you've learned in class and apply it to real-world situations with real-world applications. It also builds students' belief in their ability to do science. They can see themselves as leaders, as future scientists, as future doctors."

This past summer, Jones mentored a pair of students who conducted a biological and chemical survey of regional waterways, including the Los Angeles River and marine protected areas along the Pacific coastline. Learn more their efforts -- as well as a sampling of other recent research projects conducted by Mount students in a wide variety of fields. 

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Mount Magazine Fall 2017



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