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Two new academic programs open for 2014-2015: Ethnic Studies and Creative Advertising

When undergraduate students return to Mount St. Mary’s for classes this fall, they will have a pair of fresh academic programs available to them. The Mount’s new minors in Ethnic Studies and Creative Advertising will each be offered as interdisciplinary studies.

The Mount has consistently been recognized as one of the most diverse colleges in the United States; its new ethnic studies minor will further encourage on-campus discussions about issues that affect various communities of color. The program will be housed within Mount St. Mary’s Sociology department, and will feature faculty who come from backgrounds in sociology, political science, law, social work, history, and film, media & communications.

Ethnic studies courses will explore the historical, political and lived experiences of racialized communities such as African Americans, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, Chicanas, Latinas and Native Americans. Students will be encouraged to examine colonialism, race and ethnic identity at the points where markers such as class, gender and immigration status intersect.

The Mount’s creative advertising minor will also utilize a cross-departmental approach to provide students with the principles of marketing, as well as with opportunities to explore the creative, psychological and business elements that drive professional advertising. The minor is designed to add career value to students who plan to enter a variety of fields, such as marketing and advertising, graphic design, business, media communications and public relations.

Creative advertising faculty will come from departments that include art and graphic design, business administration, film, media & communications, and journalism & new media.

Course descriptions for both new minors are available by searching the Mount’s website at

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