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Sue Turjman ’17 during her TEDxMSMU talk on “The CRISPR Revolution and its Impact on Our Future.” Photo by Andre Moreno.

Sue Turjman ’17 during her TEDxMSMU talk on “The CRISPR Revolution and its Impact on Our Future.” Photo by Andre Moreno.

Thought-provoking conversation: TEDxMSMU

On May 3, Mount Saint Mary’s students produced the first-ever TEDx event at the University. “TEDxMSMU” echoed the mantra of L.A.’s women’s university: “We are unstoppable. At the Mount, the question isn’t, ‘who is going to let me?’ but rather, ‘who is going to stop me?’”

“The idea for a TEDx event at MSMU emerged out of the most powerful tool known to humankind — a conversation,” says Phylizia Carrillo ’17, lead organizer and licensee of the event. “The desire for a student-run conversation prompted me to search the web for ideas, themes and platforms. And well, a quick search turned into a TED Talk binge.

“This event was a tribute to the TED spirit of ‘ideas worth spreading,’ a spirit that student organizers Estefani Alarcon, Marisah Yazbek, Jennifer Valdez, Gaby Duhina, and Monique Ornelas embody. This event wouldn't have been possible without them, Dr. Lia Roberts and other faculty advisors.”

The entirely student-run event played to a packed room at the University’s Hannon Theater on its Chalon Campus. Student and faculty speakers included:

OnJonet Williams ‘18: “Poetry, Panic Attacks and Public Speaking”

Nicole Haggard, PhD, associate professor of film, media and social justice: “#MediaMatters: Lessons from Hollywood and an Unstoppable Community”

Sue Turjman ’17: “The CRISPR Revolution and its Impact on Our Future”

Sydnei Jones ’17: The Unstoppable Black Lives Matter Movement”

Caitlyn Keeve ’20: Understanding Introspection: Nature’s Best Superpower”

Wendy McCredie, PhD (associate professor of English and liberal arts), Andree Leighton, PhD, instructor of political science) and Laurie Wright Garry, PhD (associate professor of religious studies): “Living Wicked”

Julia Johnson ’18: “Music Education: Teaching Us to Diverge from the Standard and Jump!”

“I know this will be the first of many TEDx events at MSMU,” Carrillo says. “Our community is filled, and fulfilled, with stories of success and sacrifice, and I hope TEDxMSMU solidified the fact that they shouldn't go unnoticed.”

Learn more about the event by visiting the TEDxMSMU website, including:

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