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Freshman Sophia Togle (left) and her roommate Kristin Carpenter were excited to set up their dorm room in the newly built Hannon Residence Hall on the Doheny Campus.

Students Thrilled With New Campus Housing

The College's highly-anticipated move-in day arrived Aug. 25, opening the doors of newly-built and freshly-renovated dorm rooms to hundreds of students.

Toting major inventory from bed, bath, and book stores, students and their families injected life into the new Hannon Residence Hall on the Doheny Campus and newly-renovated residence halls on the Chalon Campus.

“This is nicer than my first apartment,” said Joe Carpenter as he moved his daughter, Kristin, into Doheny’s Hannon Hall. As the first students ever to occupy the living space, Kristin and her roommate, Sophia Togle, are thrilled with the freshness of their room.

“It’s gorgeous,” said Kristin Carpenter, as she unpacked her belongings in her new dresser.

“The dorm feels like an upscale hotel,” said Togle.

Chalon students and parents were also first to see the new furniture, paint, carpeting, lighting, and air conditioning added to all the residence halls on the Brentwood campus over the last few months.

“I especially love the air conditioning,” said student Monica Sebastian, as she and her dad, August, unpacked in her cozy room in Brady Hall. “It was perfect timing.”

But most of all, move-in day at each campus was filled with eager anticipation of the coming school year. “I am excited to be here, to start classes, and to have the college experience,” said first-year student Wendy Montoya.

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