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Purple-and-gold-clad Resident Assistants from Mount Saint Mary’s University celebrate winning the Spirit Stick at this year's Central RAP conference, an annual event that brings together RAs from across the western U.S.

MSMU Resident Assistants Bring Home Awards

Nov. 29, 2012 — Resident Assistants from Mount Saint Mary’s University won first-place honors at the 2012 Central RAP conference, an event that brought RAs from 15 colleges together for some friendly competition and camaraderie.

Each RA from the Mount St. Mary’s Chalon and Doheny campuses wore the College’s purple and gold colors at the event to create a team identity. Their enthusiasm and inclusiveness helped the Mount’s RAs claim the “Spirit Stick,” which goes to the winning college at the end of each Central RAP conference.

“Throughout the entire conference we showed our school spirit, cheering not only for ourselves but also for everyone else at the conference,” says Andrea Ramirez ’13. “For us, it was not a day of competition, but a day for joining others to have a good time. We interacted with someone new almost every minute we were there.”

The event also served as a platform for Mount RAs to exchange ideas with their peers from other parts of the western United States.

“I learned so much from just attending the programs hosted by other RAs and talking to other RAs at different schools,” says Jessica Castany ’14. “The experience opened my eyes to how other colleges operate.”

“I love that people aren’t afraid to participate and put on spectacular RA programs at this event,” Ramirez agrees. “You can learn something new and perhaps bring a new program back to your own campus.”

Colleges scored points during the Central RAP in different ways — team spirit, philanthropy, workshop presentations, memorabilia and delegation videos. Mount St. Mary’s RAs led eight programs during the conference, including two that won special recognition. Gloria Mejia and Lisabet Zepeda’s “Speak Up, Stand Up” presentation on addressing bullies, and Luisiana Rosales and Jennifer Schlerf’s “Henna Happenings” cultural activity workshop both earned Excellent Diversity Awareness Awards.

“We are so proud of our staff for representing the Mount so well during this big conference,” says Chinako Belanger, assistant director of Residence Life at Mount St. Mary’s. “They learned a lot from Central RAP, and we hope that they use this knowledge to make this year even better.”

The Central RAP is organized annually by the Western Association of College & University Housing Officers. This year's event was hosted by UCLA.

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