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Mount's Nursing Dept Awarded 10-Year Accreditation

December 21, 2009 – The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education has awarded a 10-year accreditation to the Mount’s Nursing Department. The professional accreditation serves as the Commission’s official endorsement of the quality and integrity of the Mount’s nursing programs. The accreditation also will assist Mount nursing students in pursuing higher educational and professional endeavors, as accreditations are often required by most residency and clinical programs.

“I am extremely pleased to learn about the good news of receiving a full, 10-year accreditation,” says Rosanne Curtis, dean of MSMU’s Nursing Department. “I’m thankful to our faculty and staff who worked so hard to provide their expertise, time and support to making this a success.”

A preparation team – headed by MSN Program Director Marsha Sato, BSN Program Director Anne Tumbarello, and former BSN Program Director Mary Sloper – conducted a rigorous research process last year to apply for the accreditation. The department prepared a 75-page self-study report that described how their nursing programs met key standards of the accreditation program. A 100-page appendix also was prepared to provide supportive documentation of the self-study report. In April, Commission representatives visited both Mount campuses to meet with faculty and students, review program data and study tools, and attend nursing classes as well as local medical facilities where students took clinical courses.

“We have a reputation in the community that Mount nurses are leaders and they have the type of characteristics you want in hiring a nurse,” says Curtis. “I believe those messages came across to the Commission.”

To ensure that the Mount’s nursing programs continue to comply with accreditation conditions, the department is required to submit a mid-cycle progress report in five years. Curtis says that the progress report will be a motivator for their nursing programs to continuously improve. “It’s important that we don’t just ride on the laurels of the accreditation, but that we continue to excel in our field.”

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