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Mount biochemistry student Zitadel Anne Perez '11 works in a lab under the direction of Mount chemistry Professor Eric Stemp. An article about Perez's DNA research done with Stemp at the helm and assistance from other undergraduates landed in the prestigious journal "Biochemistry."

Mount Chemistry Professor Publishes DNA Paper With Undergraduates

Jan. 6, 2012 -- The prestigious academic journal "Biochemistry" has a new entry from Mount Saint Mary’s University, publishing an article co-authored by chemistry professor Eric Stemp and Mount undergraduates based on original DNA research.

Stemp, professor of chemistry and co-chair of the department of physical sciences and mathematics, directed the undergraduate research that led to the article, “Dependence of DNA-protein cross-linking via guanine oxidation upon local DNA sequence as studied by restriction endonuclease inhibition.”

The article, co-authored by a lab technician and seven undergraduates, describes the development of a new method to probe the DNA surface for damaged sites using DNA cutting enzymes called restriction endonucleases, and the identification of those DNA sites most susceptible to damage. The co-authors who executed the experiments were lab technician Amanda Madison and undergraduates: Zitadel Anne Perez (biochemistry ‘11); Phuong To (biochemistry ‘03); Tiffany Maisonet (biology ‘07); Eunice Rios (biology ‘03); Yuri Trejo (biology ‘05); Carmen Ochoa (biology ‘07); and Anita Reno (biochemistry ‘03).

"These experiments were quite difficult to carry out, but our students did an outstanding job, particularly Amanda Madison and Anne Perez, who put in countless hours at the end to ensure that the data was publication quality," Stemp said. "We are also indebted to Genevieve Denault and Karl Loring for their financial backing. It was invaluable in getting this project finished and published."

Stemp has served as the College's Denault-Loring Research Fellow in Chemistry since 2008.

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