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Mount Art Gallery Reopens for More Is More Exhibit

Jan. 9, 2012 -- The College's José Drudis-Biada Art Gallery reopens on Jan. 9 for the More Is More exhibit, which features works from five artists. The exhibit runs through Jan. 21.

At first glance, visitors to the exhibition may think they are viewing a frozen scene from an explosion in a fabric factory. Upon closer inspection, visitors will see three distinct installations.

One is a collaboration by artists Curt LeMieux and Amy Green, called “What in the World Happened to Myrtle.” The artists are engaged in an ongoing process that is centered upon a mutual love of materiality. Resisting a set formula or method in favor of intuitive responses, the duo draws, pours, stains, folds, twists, ties, and tethers.

The second is an interactive work in progress initiated by artists Tim Quinn and Kathy Hargreaves, collectively known as ArsFidelis.

The third installation by artist Aleve Mei Loh presents a variety of works created individually, but installed together to create a new context for the work.

Click here for gallery directions and hours.

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