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Six Mount humanities graduate students have been selected to present their scholarly articles at the Claremont Graduate University Student Research Conference in January.

Humanities Grad Students Invited to Bring Scholarly Papers to Academy

Dec. 20, 2011 -- The scholarly work of six Mount humanities graduate students has been selected to be presented at the Student Research Conference of Claremont Graduate University on Jan. 27.

The honored students are: Irene DeLilly, Chana Smith, Kim Askew, Steve Loughran, Lynnell Bryson-Davis and Elizabeth Kovach-Hayes. The conference is sponsored by Claremont Graduate University's Minority Mentoring Program.

Acceptance of the student's work carries with it a level of prestige, as Claremont Graduate University received a record number of submissions for the annual conference this year. The Mount students also are eligible to publish in the graduate university's Online Academic Journal.

The student papers are:
--Lynnel Bryson-Davis, “Selling One’s Soul to the Devil;"
--Elizabeth Kovach-Hayes; “Hildegard of Bingen: A Feminist Perspective;"
--Irene Rose DeLilly, “Manifest Content Without a Dreamer: A Freudian Analysis of Percival Everett’s Erasure;“
--Steve Loughran, “Cultural Identity, Deafness and Sign Language: A Postcolonial Approach;"
--Chana Smith, “Speaking Truth to Power: The Role of Popular Music in Informing Post-Colonial African Identity;“
--Kim Askew, “Darwinian Theory and its Role in Bleak House.”

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