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Mount St. Mary's Film, Media & Social Justice program has collaborated with other College departments to create a pair of new minors this year.

Film collaborations lead to new opportunities for Mount students

Two new minors at Mount Saint Mary’s University reflect a rising trend of departments joining forces to create original, innovative paths of study. The most recent examples of these collaborations have resulted in new studies of Music Scoring and Creative Advertising.

The Music Scoring minor is already available, the result of a cooperative effort between the College’s Film, Media & Social Justice program, and its Music department. The minor teaches students how to compose, record and edit music for film, television, video games and the internet.

Another mixed minor, available in the spring of 2013, is called Creative Advertising. Film, Media & Social Justice faculty again partnered to develop the program, this time with the Mount’s Business and Art departments. Participating students will be able to explore the creative elements of advertising as well as the principles behind the business and psychology of professional advertising campaigns.

“Working with the Art and Business departments to develop this option has been an invigorating interdisciplinary experience for us,” says Charles Bunce, a Film, Media & Social Justice instructor. “I think this collaboration serves a great example of the dynamic academic and creative community that the Mount has to offer.”

These aren’t the only recent examples of departments working together to create new paths of study. Just last year, the English department and the Film, Media & Social Justice program worked in partnership to create a Journalism & New Media major.

For the Film, Media & Social Justice program, such changes also reflect its own transition from a Bachelor of Arts degree to a Bachelor of Science degree.

“This switch represents a significant increase in teaching the science and technologies involved in the film and media field,” says Pam Haldeman, director of the Film, Media and Communication department.

“Film and media today requires a strong background in computer and digital technologies. In our efforts to continuously remain on the cutting edge of new technologies, we have significantly increased our requirements for digital media technology mastery across all platforms.”

To that end, the Film, Media & Social Justice program has also created new courses in eMedia, such as app design. Before starting the courses, faculty from the Film, Media & Social Justice program participated in workshops on the integration and use of iPads and other forms of new technology in creating a more dynamic and collaborative learning environment for Mount students.

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