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MSMU film students prepare a shot at the College's hilltop Brentwood campus.

Fall Film Festival Spotlights 'Call to Action' Cinema

Oct. 15 -- The Mount's Film and Social Justice program is hosting a weeklong film festival in November. Films will be shown at 7 p.m. in the Chalon Campus' William H. Hannon Theater, 12001 Chalon Road in Los Angeles. The annual film festival is free and open to the public.

This year's festival includes showings of the following films:

Nov. 5 "Thin"
a documentary on the issue of body image and the obsession to strive for extreme thinness
Click here for more on this film.

Nov. 6 "Walkout"
a dramatization by actors of the 1968 student walkout at LA high schools for the purpose of gaining a higher quality education for Latinos
Click here for more on this film.

Nov. 7 "An Inconvenient Truth"
Al Gore's documentary on global warming
Click here for more on this film.

Nov. 8 "Maxed Out"
the recent award-winning documentary on the credit crunch many Americans face and the consequences of it
Click here for more on this film.

To learn more about the College’s major in film and social justice, click here.

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