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MSMU announces its new Executives in Residence, business professionals with national and international experience who support the College's vibrant Master of Business Administration program with real-world knowledge.

Executives in Residence Bring Wealth of Experience to MBA Students

Nov. 17, 2008 -- Mount Saint Mary’s University announces an Executives in Residence component to its Master of Business Administration program, sharing the knowledge of top professionals with MBA students.

Executives in Residence began participating in the MBA curriculum this fall, bringing business know-how from a variety of industries to the College to present case studies to students, be a part of panel discussions on controversial topics, and to give guest lectures. The MBA program began in 2008 in a weekend format with a cross-disciplinary curriculum and a study-abroad requirement.

“Executives in Residence were always envisioned as a core component of a Mount St. Mary’s MBA,” says Katherine Whitman, a business associate professor who chairs the College’s MBA steering committee. “These professionals bring their from-the-trenches perspective to the students, and the executives are extremely eager to be fully involved with student learning.”
Adds MBA program Director Janet Robinson: “The executives support the College’s vibrant learning environment focused on turning today’s business challenges into tomorrow’s business opportunities.”

The first Executives in Residence are:

Max Baca, who has more than 20 years experience in the development, construction and marketing of a variety of resorts, in Mexico and the United States, and is now involved in private investing in real estate and business ventures;
Carol Dunn, who established Hoffman Travel in the 1980s as the entertainment industry’s premier travel agency, and is now a consultant to corporate managers and CEOs at numerous companies;
William T. Huddleston, a retired NASA program executive who managed multibillion-dollar programs including the largest space science mission of the decade, the Chandra X-ray Observatory;
Al Merschen, founder of Myriad Marketing, specializing in providing strategic direction and tactical solutions for the travel and tourism industry;
A. Barry Patmore, a management consultant and Mount Saint Mary’s University trustee who is past interim CIO at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles;
Dennis Signorovitch, a corporate communications strategist and mentor with nearly 30 years of experience in communications leadership;
Bev Thelander, who spent most of her career working for large multi-national corporations, including executive positions at ARCO and Universal Studios Group;
James A. Wendoll, whose 40-year career in business includes serving as senior vice president and CFO for the U.S. subsidiary of a foreign-owned construction materials company.

“The MBA Steering Committee has wisely included Executives in Residence with national and international reputations built on a wide range of corporate and non-profit experience,” says Linda A. Moody, MSMU’s graduate dean. “This work experience parallels the backgrounds of the student body and informs the curriculum of the program.”

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