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Phone: 4152
Office: H215/Bldg 1, Rm201

Katherine Whitman - MA, MAM

Associate Professor, WEC Program Director, Business Administration

MAM, Redlands University
MA, University of California Los Angeles
BA, Mount Saint Mary’s University


Katherine Whitman, BA, MA, MAM is an Associate Professor of Economics and International Business at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Her academic specializations are Economics, International Marketing and International Management. She teaches Principles of Economics, International Economics, World Economics, History and International Marketing and Management. During her twenty years at the college she has served on and chaired numerous major committees, acting chair of the Business Administration Department and organized study travel to Europe and Asia for students, alumni and faculty. She is also a partner of Pomegranate International, an international business consulting firm specializing in China.

In addition to conference presentations and journal articles, her publications include 9 books published in China, two in Greece and Korea. In her role as a co-chair of the International Trade Committee of the Mid Valley Chamber of Commerce, she organized seminars and receptions for local business people to meet counterparts from other countries to develop trade and investment contacts.

Katherine Whitman was honored as an Honorable Citizen of Guangzhou, China for her efforts to promote the economic development of the city. The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Gansu Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department has appointed her as a special advisor. The Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Exchange Center made her an honorary consultant and in Tiacang City appointed her an economic advisor. She is a visiting professor at Guangdong University of Law and Commerce.