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Faculty/Staff Members



Alaric Rocha

Instructor, Creative Writing

Alaric S. Rocha has been making films since 1999 where he first learned the craft from Club Pánico in London, an organization run by some of the crew members of Monty Python. His work has been screened at many film festivals including the Chicago International Film Festival, the Illinois International Film Festival, the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival, the Seattle True Independent Film Festival, as well as Internationally at Sitges, Spain, Sao Paulo, Brazil and more. Alaric earned his MFA in digital cinema from DePaul University in 2014 and a BM from Lawrence University in 2002. His musical background has a huge influence on his style of filmmaking and subject matter.

Teaching Statement
According Lajos Egri, there are three “materials” for building a story are “character”, conflict and premise” (aka: theme). I believe theme is the core to a successful and timeless film.  I have taught film to ages six to adult in the United States and Mexico. The common denominator among all my diverse students is that they are searching for what they want to say with their film.  To deliver this lesson I strive for a safe and dynamic learning experience, with discussion and hands-on projects where students feel safe to express themselves.