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Faculty/Staff Members



Rex Perez

Professor, Business Administration-MBA

Rex Perez is a statistician and consultant for Privva, a vendor risk management start-up based in Baltimore. He designs surveys to assess the security of firms’ data and helps create customizable dashboards for analyzing, summarizing and assessing responses. Prior to Privva, Rex was a consulting statistician at Engrade, an educational technology company that provides online learning management systems and educational assessment products to K-12 school districts. Rex is also very involved in blockchain technology and is part of a team creating and designing a cryptocurrency for a decentralized model of funding films.

Rex attended UC Berkeley and earned a BS in Engineering Mathematics & Statistics. He also attended San Diego State University and earned an MS in Statistics with an emphasis in biostatistics. Rex has been teaching college level statistics and probability for over seventeen years and has been recognized with the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society’s Teaching Excellence Award.