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Faculty/Staff Members



Juana Moriel-Payne

Instructor, Creative Writing

Dr. Juana Moriel-Payne holds a Ph.D. in Borderlands History, an MFA in Bilingual Creative Writing, and an MA in Spanish/Hispanic Literature. Her two published novels, Trigueña and La caza del venado, received literary awards in Mexico and the United States. She has published her research on Latin American/Mexican History in the United States and Latin American journals. She has taught Latin American Studies/History courses at the University of Saint Thomas-Houston and at the University of California-Riverside. Currently, Moriel-Payne teaches Travel Writing/Chronicle, Memoir, Novella and Photography/Narrative.

Teaching Statement
In her teaching, Dr. Moriel-Payne assumes her students/writers arrive at the class ready to write, to read, to talk, to think, to analyze, to observe, and to enjoy the opportunity to engage in literary art both as a writer and as an intellectual. One of her classes’ goals is to produce a quality novella, memoir, chronicle/s, or photo narratives' draft that is almost ready for publication. She creates and provides a trusting-positive environment for all to share and learn from each other, creating a writers’ community beyond the classroom, a community that is convinced of the power of the written word.